Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions involve significant sums of money. Additionally, almost every matter, no matter how routine on its face, is fact-specific and requires discrete issue spotting. Apart from pure skillset, Chis Chu values consistent communication and accessibility so that your deal closes without unanticipated obstacles and deadlines.
In a commercial leasing perspective, no lease is the same. Significant time and resourcefulness must be employed to properly distil your business objectives and negotiate them into a working lease. Having worked on a diverse array of commercial leasing matters, spanning several industries and landlord-tenant perspectives, Chris Chu and his team put your business interests first while also negotiating, drafting, and implementing proper actions to ensure a sustainable and mutually profitable landlord-tenant relationship.

Here are some of our focuses:

  • Purchase & sale transactions
  • Commercial lease reviews
  • Lease reviews, negotiations & drafting
  • Title searching & examinations
  • Landlord-tenant relationship management
  • Financing
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